shark tank beauty productsIf there is one show I can marathon watch for hours no matter my mood (besides Seinfeld), it’s Shark Tank. Maybe it’s the huzzah for the American dream! aspect. Maybe it’s the way it lets me pretend I understand business-speak. Are you kidding me with that valuation?? Maybe it’s the schadenfreude of seeing an arrogant turd get ripped apart by the sharks. Maybe it’s just basking in the glow of Mark Cuban‘s infinite wisdom. Whatever the reason, I find Shark Tank endlessly addictive. 

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The best part about it is when an idea comes around every once in awhile that is so useful you can’t believe no one’s thought of it before. The paintbrush cover sticks out in my mind as one of those ideas. But there have also been some noteworthy beauty products that you just can’t help wanting to order after the deals are struck and the episode ends. Here are some of those items.

1. Dr. Edna’s BareEase ($18.00) 

bareeaseAs someone who had one horrible waxing experience and will never, ever do it again, I fully understand the need for this product even though I won’t be using it myself. I remember seeing anesthesiologist Edna Ma on the show and thinking I could probably trust her with my labia. The full kit is $18.00, and just the cream is $9.50. Even though she didn’t strike a deal with the sharks, Dr. Edna’s product seems to have solid momentum.

2. Kisstixx Lip Gloss ($5.99)

kisstixxThe product infamous for getting Mr. Wonderful and Barbara Corcoran to kiss has made it into Walgreen’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, K-Mart and more thanks to a deal with my boy Marky Mark. It’s a completely ridiculous concept, which yes I do want to try. Each kiss participant (ooh, romance) applies one flavor of the pair, creating a combination flavor explosion when you start macking. They have Strawberry & Chocolate, Sweet & Sour, Raspberry & Lemonade, and Strawberry Daiquiri & Pina Colada.

3. Simple Sugars Body Scrub ($11.95)

simple sugars body scrub shark tankSimple Sugars fonder Lani Lazzari also managed to make a deal with Mark Cuban, so you know she has to be good. Having super sensitive skin prone to breakouts of eczema, Lani said she couldn’t find a commercial product that didn’t irritate her skin. Her adorable website now sells body scrubs, facial scrubs, foot scrubs, and even a line of products for men!

4. You Smell Paper Soap ($9.50)

paper soap you smell shark tankMegan Cummins had Mark, Barbara, and Robert fighting over her luxury bath products. Her packaging is divine, and I am obsessed with the concept of paper soap. Instead of offensively fragrant hand sanitizer, you can use these soap pads to wash up, and they simply dissolve in your hands! I am buying these in both scents.

5. Nardo’s Natural Skincare BB Cream ($24.99)

nardos natural bb cream shark tankThe four Bardo brothers walked in looking like a goofy boy band, but their dream of a successful natural skincare line is now fully realized. Thanks to a deal with Barbara (because duh, she also chooses the hot young guys) they’ve expanded their product line immensely. I’m most intrigued by their All Natural BB Cream, which is infused with organic avocado oil and botanical extracts.

6. NailPak (No longer available)

nailpak shark tankI had to include the ingenious NailPak on this list, even though it is mysteriously out of commission. Barbara Lampugnale initially had great success with her concept of bundling nail polish, remover pads, and a nail file all in one. They were being sold on QVC, Ulta, and several other retailers! I should have gotten one when I had the chance…

7. Skinnies Instant Lifts ($19.95)

skinnies instant liftsOkay, so this one isn’t necessarily “amazing” so much as it will amaze you…with how weird it is. The Skinnies Instant Lift team didn’t get a deal on Shark Tank, probably because the sharks didn’t want to believe that women would want to literally tape their skin to smooth out cellulite. I don’t either. Unfortunately, their website claims to have sold over one million Instant Lifts and they’ve created several new products for different body parts, so there actually are people who are doing this. *Shudder.*